Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fher Snow White Sticker Albums - Spain

In the decades that followed the original theatrical release of Snow White, a variety of sticker albums would be published by Fher of Bilbao, Spain. Each contained numbered blank spaces where corresponding picture cards (cromos) could be glued onto the pages. The card designs were identical to the ones used in the 1951 Italian set and also the international editions from Brazil, France, Germany and probably others too. The early Spanish versions differ, however, in that most only include 216 card spaces as opposed to the 240 of the other books.

It's also interesting to note that the film title on the front cover is written as Blanca Nieves y los Siete Enanos. Siete Enanos is typically the Spanish spelling for "Seven Dwarfs" in Latin America. On Snow White posters issued in Spain, it's written as Siete Enanitos. (Those same posters in later re-releases would also morph Blanca Nieves into Blancanieves.)

The design of this first album is unique from all of the others in that it was laid out in a landscape-format. There is no publication date, but several online sellers claim that it's from circa 1941 (the same year the movie first premiered in Spain). If this is accurate, then the book would be the forerunner to all of the other international editions that were printed a decade or more later. Four (4) card spaces per page, 216 total.

Pages with the multi-colored cards attached.

Back cover. Retail price 2,50 Spanish Pesetas.


Other Fher editions were printed in the vertical format with full-color cover artwork. This Snow White design is similar to the other international albums except that it also includes a border of "forest animals". Six (6) card spaces per page, a total of only 171. Price: 2 pesetas.


A "luxury" or deluxe version (Album de Lujo) was produced with a slightly altered animal border on the cover. Eight (8) card spaces per page, a total of 216.


Full-color cover artwork, sans the animal border. Eight (8) card spaces per page, a total of 216. Price: 2 pesetas.


Full-color yellow cover. Total of 216 card spaces.


New cover artwork. Text in lower left corner reads, "Album Para Cromos". Eight (8) card spaces per page, a total of 240. Price 2,50 pesetas. Possibly dates from 1964 but the price seems pretty low for this time period.


A blue border cover was definitely published in 1964. Text in lower left corner reads, "libro para cromos". Twelve (12) card spaces per page, a total of 240. Big price jump to 7 pesetas.


An early example of the back of a picture card.

A few cromos from 1964.

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