Sunday, October 29, 2017

Snow White Halloween Costumes by Ben Cooper (1970s-1980s)

1974 Snow White No. 236. Plastic mask with no mouth slot, thin painted eyelash lines; one-piece rayon costume.


1976 Snow White No. 230s. Plastic mask with no mouth slot, thick painted eyelash lines; rayon costume. Pictured in 1976 Ben Cooper wholesale catalog.

Catalog image via


1979 Snow White No. 856. Plastic mask with mouth slot (USA), vinyl one-piece costume (Taiwan).


1980 Snow White No 2330s. Plastic mask; vinyl one-piece costume. Ben Cooper wholes catalog. Drawing is identical to the 1976 version above.

Catalog scan via

This mask might date from 1980 (not yet confirmed). Thin painted eyelash lines and a mouth slot.


1982 Snow White No. 724. Plastic mask with mouth slot, whites of the eyes included; vinyl one-piece costume (both made in USA).


1987 Snow White mask (similar to above). Vinyl one-piece costume featuring the famous "pink dress" first seen during the 1987 re-release of the motion picture.


1988 Snow White No. 42741. Vinyl one-piece costume dress sold on cardboard display hanger.

The dress was paired with a plastic mask (no mouth slot). No. 52741.

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