Wednesday, October 18, 2017

1938 French Songbooks (single songs)

In 1938, Irving Berlin, Inc. held the copyright to the Snow White tunes. In France, the sheet music was published by Salabert. Some collections included multiple musical numbers. However, these shown here only feature one individual Snow White song per book. Text in both French and English. The covers are tinted with a single-tone color. As the popularity of the film grew, additional songbook printings were made. Note the slight changes to the design layout of the Sifflez en Travaillant books.

Sifflez en Travaillant (Whistle While You Work)

Images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.


Un Sourire en Chantant (With A Smile and A Song)


Tyrolienne Des Nains (The Dwarfs' Yodel Song)




Je Souhaite (I'm Wishing)


Un Jour Mon Prince Viendra (Someday My Prince Will Come)


Un Jour Mon Prince Viendra (complete set of instruments)

Illustrations and text copyright Disney/Irving Berlin 1938. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.


  1. Wonderful items! One can both sing the songs in French or in English! The original French studio 1937 recordings by Lucienne Dugard, the first Snow White French voice, have just been reissued on cd by the Marianne Melodie label!

  2. A puzzling detail: the French lyrics "adaptor", Francis Salabert, is not openly credited on those music sheets ... Just as "Salabert Editions" ... it might be that they are from the pen of more than one lyricist working for Mr Salabert then ... Who knows?!

    1. Quite possible. Need some input from a music historian to know for sure. I never tire of learning new Snow White details. :)