Sunday, October 22, 2017

1938 Lucienne Dugard Blanche-Neige Songs on CD

In 1938, French singer Lucienne Dugard recorded several covers of Blanche-Neige songs. Because of this, it is thought by many that she was the singing voice of Snow White in the original 1938 French dub of the Disney motion picture. She was not. Lucienne's versions were released on two 78 rpm singles (and she did win an award for them), but they are not from the film.

In 2017, a CD was issued in France on the Marianne Melodie label. Réf. no.6080.345. It contains over 20 songs performed by Lucienne, including four from Snow White: Some Day My Prince Will Come, With a Smile and a Song, I'm Wishing, and Whistle While You Work.


The singing voice of Snow White in the 1938 French movie dub was performed by an American, Beatrice Hagen. Learn more about her in an earlier post and why we will probably never hear her songs released on an album.

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for providing the information on the original French dub. And thanks to François Monferran for the heads up on the Lucienne Dugard compact disc.


  1. I haven't bought this CD yet, and will let you know the content of the booklet when I do ... I do remember an ealier previous release of 2 songs - on a French cd - that stated that the orchestra is conducted by Frank Churchill on these sessions!SNOW WHITE still holds so many "secrets" after all these years! :-)

    1. Yes, still some mysteries yet to be solved. Looking forward to hearing what you learn from the CD booklet.