Thursday, October 12, 2017

1961 Seven Dwarfs with Pinocchio “Nosey Doings” Comic

The Seven Dwarfs with Pinocchio in "Nosey Doings" was a 16-page full-color mini comic book premium issued in New Zealand and Australia inside cereal boxes of Weeties and Kornies. Full color illustrations on newsprint paper stock. Measures approximately 7" x 3.5". Printed by Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd., New Zealand; © 1961 Walt Disney Productions.

This down under Weeties and Kornies promotional campaign began in 1950 with a series of eight sets of comic book giveaways (labeled A-H). Each of these sets consisted of eight individual mini comic books. So hearty breakfast eaters could actually collect a total of 64 different mini comic books, one at a time, with the purchase of their favorite cereal.

But wait, there's more. The campaign must have been quite successful because a second series of three sets (A-C) was issued in 1961. Each consisted of five individual mini comics for a total of 15. This is where our Seven Dwarfs with Pinocchio comes in. It is number C-2 in this second series.

On the back page of the comic book is an ad for the free giveaways. This one is for Weeties but the same comic could instead have an ad for Kornies.

Today, these mini comics can be hard to find.

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