Monday, August 9, 2010

1938 Snow White Theatre Bannerette

An extremely rare Snow White silk banner (37" X 48"), it dates from the initial RKO release of the film and would have been displayed in theatre lobbies.

Image via Heritage Auction Galleries.

The banner was available for purchase by theatre owners through the pressbook. It cost $1.75. This particular one was sold through Heritage Auctions of Dallas back in March 2008 for a sum of $567.63 (USD).

The original 1938 pressbook, p.21...

Pressbook scans courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.


A similar but larger Snow White valance was advertised in the January 29, 1938 issue of The Film Daily (p.4). Dimensions 39" x 90". Price $2.95 each. Available from Art Flag, Inc. in NYC.


  1. I’m surprised it didn't go for more money. And where's the heroine herself?

  2. My thought exactly. Only $567! That's not very much for something this hard-to-find.

    As for the princess, I suspect she was probably featured on another companion banner.