Monday, August 23, 2010

Reed & Barton Silver Trinket Box

Reed & Barton--a silversmith manufacturer based in Taunton, Massachusetts--was licensed by Disney to produce this silver-plated round trinket box. Snow White is embossed on the lid holding a bluebird, her name banner is below.

A burgundy velvet cardboard lining is found inside.

Dimensions: approximately 3.5" across x 1.5" tall (91 x 37mm).

The bottom stamp reads, "© Disney Reed & Barton" with the number 381.

Also on the bottom of most boxes is a Reed & Barton foil sticker. A couple of slightly different examples have been seen; one indicates a 100 year warranty.

Mickey and Minnie are pictured on the original box.

Image and info via falinetwo + gneice.

Possibly dates from the 1990s.

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