Sunday, December 18, 2011

Radko Snow White Ornaments (60th Anniversary - 1997)

The Snow White ornamentation continues. Back in 1997, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the film, artist Christopher Radko designed these unique mouth-blown glass ornaments. The pieces range in size from 9" tall for Snow White to approximately 6-7" for the Dwarfs. A couple of different sets were sold.

This first contained eight pieces, each packed in their own individual black box and then altogether into the larger anniversary box. The individual ornament tags are all dated 1997 on the front. The text inside contains a message from Christopher Radko referring to the 60th anniversary of the film.


A second nine-piece set designed for the Walt Disney Gallery included Snow and the Dwarfs but also a hand-signed poison apple by Christopher Radko. A limited edition of just 500, the ornament collection came in a handsome 60th Anniversary black box with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Four years later in 2001, the ornament set (without the apple) reappeared, this time on the back cover of the Disney Catalog. It was a limited edition of 3000. From 3.5" to 5.25" in size, the pieces were smaller than those above. Retail price: $250.

Catalog copyright Disney. Scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


  1. Thank you for inspiring me a post about Radko .
    There are some Evil Queen, Witch and Mirror ornament too ;-).

  2. I love how delicate and precise they are ... True vintage charm ...

  3. Daisy-- Yes, the blown-glass is a nice look.

    DSK-- Terrific. I'll watch for it. And I'll have to find pics of the Evil Queen, Witch and Mirror! :)

    Alexandre-- Agreed. They do have a vintage charm about them. The glass and metal pieces have a different feel than others ornaments made from plastic.