Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WDCC Dopey Membership Reward Figurine, 2009

Gleeful Grin was the 2009 Walt Disney Collectors Society "Membership Gift Sculpture". Created by artist Bruce Lau, the 5" porcelain figurine retailed for $59 (USD). Introduced in January, it was retired in December.

Item Number: 4010755
Stock photos copyright Disney.

The WDCS packet that came with the figurine included a membership card featuring an image of the sculpt.

 Membership Card images courtesy of Disney Showcase Key. Used with permission.


  1. Great post!
    This pose is perfect, and this sculpture was my first membership gift for the WDCS.
    Sadly, it was the last too because the club has been suspended.
    Your previous post about it (Sketches and the pin) were interesting too.
    I didn't know he was on the cover of the Sketches magazine too.

    Are you going to show the two lithography ?

  2. DSK-- Glad you got this one. Yes, it's too bad about WDCS going away. Do you have the lithographs?