Friday, December 16, 2011

1937 Walt Disney Corporate Christmas Card

This original Snow White holiday greeting card was sent out in December of 1937 by the Disney Studio to theater owners and the like.

Front cover.


Back side with copyright imprint in lower right corner.

Original envelope.

Card images courtesy of the Kevin Hicks Collection.


During the 1975 North American theatrical re-release of the film, a replica of the 1937 card was produced and sent out to theater owners, tucked within the pressbook Ad Pad. Although slightly different than the original, it did include the cast portrait illustration by Gustaf Tenggren. Keeping with tradition, a calendar for 1976 was included (on the backside).

Replica images and information courtesy of The Raymond Collection.


UPDATE December 2012:

Disney researcher David Lesjak of Vintage Disney Collectibles has shared the following image and information from the original 1937 Christmas card. "Most collectors don't know there was an additional insert...a smaller card featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto.

The insert reads, "--AND GREETINGS FROM US TOO!"

Insert from Original 1937 Xmas Card


  1. oh i would love that!!! Wouldn't it be fun to get christmas cards from Disney!????

  2. I love that 2nd (inside) image. Very nice!


  3. I wouldn't mind getting xmas cards from Disney. :)

    Particularly if they came with Gustaf Tenggren's artistic designs like this one did.