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Snow White Halloween Costumes by Ben Cooper (1930s-1960s)

In 1937, New York theatrical costume designer, Ben Cooper, launched into the production of Halloween costumes and gained the licensing contracts of A.S. Fishbach, Inc. It was a fortunate turn since one of the licensors included Walt Disney Enterprises. With the premiere of Snow White that year, it was a auspicious time to begin! They started selling Disney costumes through Fishbach's Spotlite brand. In 1942, the two companies merged under Ben Cooper, Inc. From the 1950s-1980s, Ben Cooper was one of the giants in Halloween costume manufacturing. And Snow White was with them from the beginning. Here's a few examples.

1938-42(c.) Dopey Spotlite brand. Box No. E12(?). Paperboard mask; two-piece cotton outfit. Back of mask is marked, "Copyright Walt Disney Productions, A Tru Type Mask, No. 112, Made in USA by Ben Copper, Inc., New York". (A similar Dopey mask was issued in 1937 by Einson-Freeman and Post Toasties.)

Dopey costume via Halloweenagogo.


1950s Snow White costumes are mentioned in the motion picture pressbooks from 1952 and 1958. (We've not found photos of these yet.)


1964(c.) Snow White No. 221. Plastic mask with no mouth slot; rayon outfit (made in Mexico.)


1967 Snow White. Two costumes are pictured in the 1967 pressbook supplement. No. 221 (which is pictured above). Plastic mask; rayon one-piece costume. Suggested retail price $3.00. And No. 521. Three-piece outfit consisting of dress, cape, and ribbon headdress. Retail $5.00.


1968 Snow White No. 299. Ben Cooper wholesale catalog. Plastic mask (same mold and design as above), rayon one-piece outfit.

Catalog image via

Another edition of No. 299. Different dress design than what is pictured in the Ben Cooper catalog above.

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