Thursday, August 17, 2017

1950s Hankscraft "TV" Night-Light

Based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, the Hankscraft Company manufactured several Disney products in the 1950s, including this Snow White T.V. Nite Lite. Plastic casing with a molded front "screen" and fiberboard back. The light bulb inside is activated by the switch along the lower front. The power cord runs out the rear. Measures approximately 5" tall and 6.25" across. The text in lower right corner reads, "Copyright Walt Disney Productions"; although some simply have the imprint, "©WDP". Two models were produced, one as a nightlight only, the other with a music box included.

No. 1600. Night-light only.

No. 1601. Night-light and music box. Plays Whistle While You Work. Wind-up knob on back.

Metal turn key.


Plastic turn knob.


Both models 1600 and 1601 were also made in Canada. A Hankscraft Canadian label is seen below.

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