Thursday, August 10, 2017

Examples of Hinged Snow White Pins

2016: The Evil Queen's Magic Mirror pin with text, "Fairest One of All". Hinged with reflective surface inside. Zinc alloy. Dimensions: 1.45" x 1.45". Available at the US theme parks. Released December 2016. Open edition. Retail $14.99.

Stock images copyright Disney.


2015: Snow White locket pin with bunnies. Diameter: 2". Sold at the Disney Soda Fountain in Hollywood, part of a series of four hinged princess pins. June 6, 2015. Limited edition 500. Retail $16.95.


2014: Snow White hinged locket pin from the Disneyland Paris "Princess Tea Time" pin trading event on August 30, 2014. Measures 1.5" across. Sold as part of a mystery boxed set which also included Cinderella and Aurora. Limited edition 400. Original retail: 59.99€/set. An additional five other princess pins (LE 700) were sold separately.

Prince pins were also available at the event. Not hinged. Limited edition 400.


2013: Old Witch pin from the Magical Manifestations bi-monthly series at Walt Disney World. Released May 9, 2013. Limited edition 1000. Opens to reveal the Evil Queen. Original retail $12.95. Four other pins were also issued in the series.

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