Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Raccoon-Kitten Snow White Artwork of Melanie Velez

Recently, we came across the work of artist Melanie Velez online. Her Raccoon Series caught our attention so much that we just had to contact her to find out more.

Little Snow's Wishes

Filmic Light: Melanie, tell us a little about your background and how you started creating art.
Melanie Velez: When I was younger, I’d often found myself drawing when I was bored. As time progressed, so too did my ability to draw several things. My love for artistic expression grew into an overwhelming passion. I drew on everything, including the walls of my home! My mother loved this. ;)

I attended a high school where I practiced commercial arts and then went on to attend the Philadelphia School of Arts. I picked up a paintbrush almost ten years ago and I haven’t put it down since. Several years ago, I decided to share my artwork on Ebay. I have been fortunate to have buyers who collect my art worldwide.

FL: What artistic mediums do you work in? Water color? Oils? Colored pencils? Digital?
MV: I have worked with several mediums, including water color, oils, colored pencils, and charcoal. However, I most prefer to work with acrylic and gouache.

I generally create on heavy weight stock, but I have also painted on canvas, wooden objects of all kinds (tole painting), and I truly enjoy creating holiday ornaments. Also, I have created paintings and logos on the interior walls of the local schools in my area.

Sleeping Snow White

Heigh Ho! It's Home From Work We Go

FL: Your subject matter ranges widely, yet a common theme throughout most of your pieces, are the inclusion of little raccoons and/or kittens. Tell us about this adorable feature and how it came about.
MV: I used to sit outside of my house on the east coast, and watch raccoons bustle about during the spring and summer months at dusk. The intense curiosity and intelligence of raccoons intrigued me. I’d watch them forage for food, sometimes with local outdoor cats. One of the most interesting experiences I ever had was when I witnessed a local raccoon moving her kits. One of the “kits” was a small kitten.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of interacting with dozens of people who rehabilitate raccoons and kittens through various organizations.

I wanted to add the expression of kittens and kits by creating whimsical paintings to reflect what I saw in their behavior. Raccoons and kittens are quite playful!

Snow White and Friends

FL: Snow White is a popular subject for you. Can you talk about her and what the Disney princess means to you?
MV: To me, Snow White is like a breath of fresh air, and she symbolizes the importance of expressing kindness to others. She also appeals to the good in others (huntsman) as well. Most importantly, I believe that Snow White shows us that regardless of how difficult things become, it is possible to move forward with positivity, morality, and with a warm heart. When I create Snow White themed paintings, it brings me back to a time of wonderment in my childhood! In sharing my paintings, I hope that others feel the same.

A Forest Tale + Into the Forest (double-length ACEO)

FL: In what format is your work available to the public and where can they purchase it?
MV: I generally create small paintings called ACEOs. ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions, and Originals.” A typical ACEO is 2.5” X 3.5” and can be created in a portrait or landscape format. Sometimes I enjoy creating double ACEO painting too (7.5” X 2.5”).

Along with ACEO paintings and ACEO prints, I create canvas paintings, commissioned works, ornaments, magnets, and many more. My paintings, prints, and creations can be found and purchased on Ebay through my Ebay store:

Please feel free to follow me and comment. :)

Our Dearest Snow White

Lets Go to the Movies!

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