Saturday, August 19, 2017

E.K. Shaw Snow White Figurines (small set + lamp)

In the late 1940s - early '50s, E.K. Shaw produce a series of large ceramic Snow White figurines (seen in previous post). They also released a second smaller set. The princess measures about 3.25", the dwarfs 1.75". A few examples can be seen on pages 857-858 of Hake's 2007 Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles (2nd ed.).


Circa 1947, E.K. Shaw created this hand-painted glazed ceramic Dopey lamp for the Railley Corporation. He holds a lantern which is its own separate night-light. The figure measures 8.25" to top of head. Other Disney characters were produced in this series but Dopey is the rarest.

Images and info via Hake's.

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