Tuesday, August 29, 2017

1967 Metal Tea Sets by J. Chein & Co.

J. Chein & Co. of Burlington NJ produced several Snow White metal teas sets circa 1967. The "Big Value Tea Set" included a larger serving tray (10" x 7"), three large plates, three regular plates, three large cups, and a tea pot (which was made of plastic). The suggested retail price was $2.49.

Examples found on ebay. Yellow bottoms.

Most cup bottoms were yellow, although some blue have been seen. Note the two-handled creamer cup.


The "Fairy Tale Set" had a smaller serving tray (5" x 7"). It came with three regular size plates, three blue saucers, and three yellow cups. SRP $1.29.

Original box.

Box images via toysandmorect.


Photos of two sets are shown on page 6 of the 1967 Snow White theatrical re-release Merchandise Supplement which was included with the pressbook.

It's probable that other sets were also produced by J. Chein & Co., which may explain the blue-bottom pieces and the two-handled creamer cups.

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