Friday, April 14, 2017

Valentine & Sons Snow White Postcards (unnumbered)

In the late 1930s, publisher Valentine and Sons, Ltd, (of Dundee, Scotland) released a series of Disney-licensed Snow White postcards. Different printings resulted in variations--in the artwork itself and the text and logos on the opposite side. In addition, it appears that in later printings, individual cards were numbered, while their earlier incarnations were not. All of the examples in this post are unnumbered, and we have yet to come across other printings with numbers.

The Seven Dwarfs discuss the presence of Snow White in their little house. Here are two versions of this card. The artwork and backside printing differ on each.


Happy! Sneezy! Dopey!--What funny names for children! Snow White reading the names on the dwarfs' beds. Two printings.


Oh, you must be Grumpy! Snow White guessing the dwarfs' names.


Bunch o' water lilies! exclaimed Grumpy as he sat watching the other dwarfs washing.

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