Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cadum Trading Cards from France (1938 - series 1)

In 1938, French soap producer, Cadum, issued the first of several series of collectible Snow White cards. They were free inside packages of their baby soap (one card/per box of three soaps). Full-color images. Text on the back. Eight numbered cards total. Each measures approximately 14 x 14 cm (5.5" x 5.5") except the first in the collection which is a folded double-size card of the princess and prince surrounded by the dwarfs and forest animals.

No. 1 - Snow White and Prince Charming/Blance Neige et le Prince Charmant

No. 2 - Sneezy/Atchoum

No. 3 - Happy/Joyeux

No. 4 - Bashful/Timide

No. 5 - Doc/Prof

No. 6 - Sleepy/Dormeur

No. 7 - Grumpy/Grincheux

No. 8 - Dopey/Simplet

Image scans generously provided by Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

See a Cadum promotional poster in the next Archive entry, followed by the Cadum Belgian cards: series 1 (1938) and series 2 (1939).

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