Thursday, April 27, 2017

1968 'Blanca Nieves' Storyteller Record DL-5001

This 1968 Spanish-language "Story of Snow White" album was printed by Mena Enterprises in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Format: 33 13 rpm, 12" vinyl disc. Disneyland Record. Catalog no. DL-5001. The album cover displays the same Snow White artwork used in a 1956 English-language record WDL-4005.

The recording features a female narrator to tell the story, but everything else--the character voices, songs, and music--are taken directly from the 1964 Latin Spanish-language dub. Lupita Perez Arias plays the singing voice of Snow White. All eight songs are included in the story.

Images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

This recording was printed in Chile two years earlier in 1966. Disneyland Record label. No. STC-9001-X.

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