Saturday, April 22, 2017

Autographed Photos Brochure - Adriana Caselotti

Selling signed photographs was an important source of income in her later years for Adriana Caselotti, the original voice of Snow White. In an earlier Archive entry, we saw a variety of autographed pieces, similar to this 8x10 below.

On August 26, 1994, Adriana penned a letter announcing a series of nine different signed black & white glossy 8x10 photos that she was offering for sale. The letter was photocopied--along with a homemade brochure featuring images of all nine items--then sent out to interested fans,

In a handwritten note on the back of this brochure, Adriana explains to a fan why it wouldn't be fair to offer him a free autograph when everyone else has to pay a fee.

Special thanks to Greg Philip of A Lost Film for sharing these images from his collection.


  1. "I am, now, 78 years old so you better act darn fast!" Awwww, she only lived another two and a half years after writing that. I wish I had known that she was doing this. I would have sent for an autograph!