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2001/2006 Spanish 'Blancanieves' Soundtrack CD (Mexico)

The first Spanish-language dub of Snow White dates from 1938. It was recorded in Los Angeles. In 1962, the soundtrack would be updated in Mexico City using new voice actors. Then in 2001, two more versions were produced, one in the Castilian Spanish dialect from Spain, the other for the Latin American audience. Both were released on separate compact discs that same year. (See the Castilian CD in next post).

The 2001 Latin American version was issued on CD that year. Walt Disney Records label. Included a CD-Rom movie trailer extra. The compact disc was then reissued in 2006 without the CD-Rom enhancement. Same cover artwork. Walt Disney Records. Made in Mexico and distributed by Universal Music Mexico, S.A.

It's interesting to note that in the first two dubs, the dwarfs' name were not translated into Spanish.

1938 Latin American (Los Angeles) cast:
  • Blanca Nieves (Snow White) - Thelma Hubbard (speaking), Diana Castillo (singing)
  • Reina (Evil Queen) - Blanca de Castejón
  • Bruja (Witch) - Cristina Montt
  • Príncipe (Prince) - Jorge Katz
  • Doc - Romualdo Tirado
  • Grumpy - Lucio Villegas
  • Happy - Vicente Padula
  • Bashful - Julio Abadía
  • Sleepy - Pedro Godoy
  • Sneezy - Francisco Moreno
  • Espejo Mágico (​Magic Mirror) - Rafael Navarro
  • Cazador (Huntsman) - J. Gandero

1962 Latin American cast:
  • Blanca Nieves (Snow White) - Amparo Garrido (speaking), Lupita Pérez Arias (singing)
  • Reina (Evil Queen) - Rosario Muñoz Ledo
  • Bruja (Witch) - Carmen Donna-Dío
  • Príncipe (Prince) - Jorge Lagunes
  • Doc - Juan Domingo Méndez
  • Grumpy - Rubens Medel
  • Happy - Francisco Colmenero
  • Bashful - José Manuel Rosano
  • Sleepy - Salvador Carrasco
  • Sneezy - Dagoberto de Cervantes
  • Espejo Mágico (​Magic Mirror) - Alberto Gavira
  • Cazador (Huntsman) - Francisco Larrué​
  • Narrador (Narrator) - Luis Manuel Pelayo

2001 Latin American cast:
  • Blanca Nieves (Snow White) - Maggie Vera (speaking), Diana Santos (2 speaking loops), Vikina Michel (singing)
  • Reina (Evil Queen) - Liza Willert
  • Bruja (Witch) - Rosanelda Aguirre
  • Príncipe (Prince) - Mauricio Arróniz
  • Doc - Esteban Siller (speaking), Moisés Palacios (singing)
  • Gruñón (Grumpy) - Francisco Colmenero
  • Feliz (Happy) - Alejandro Illescas
  • Tímido (Bashful) - Armando Réndiz (speaking), Óscar Benavides (singing)
  • Dormilón (Sleepy) - César Arias
  •  Estornudo (Sneezy) - Ricardo Hill (speaking), Mario Hoyos (singing)
  • Espejo Mágico (​Magic Mirror) - Eduardo Borja
  • Cazador (Huntsman) - Emilio Guerrero
  • Narrador (Narrator) - Francisco Colmenero

Voice actor info via Charguigou. Also see doblajedisney.com.

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