Sunday, April 16, 2017

Armour's Star Ham - Easter Store Display

In an earlier Archive entry, we saw store displays for the 1938 Armour's Star Ham Snow White advertising campaign. Below is a special "Easter Greetings" display that would have been used leading up to the holiday.

The cardboard piece measures approximately 35" x 16". Imprint reads, "Litho. U.S.A. Magill-Weinsheimer Co., Chicago - ©1938 Walt Disney Enterprises."

Also see a Snow White Star Ham metal stamp in the next Archive entry, plus an Armour recipe book in an earlier post.


  1. I love this display! Such a fun piece.

    1. Agreed 1937 Fan. It is cool. Those folks who saved these displays back in 1938 sure had a bit of forethought.