Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2001/2006 Portuguese 'Branca de Neve' Soundtrack CD

The first Portuguese dub of Branca de Neve e os Sete Anões occurred in 1938. The soundtrack was later updated in 1965 with new voice talent. Both versions featured actors who spoke with a Brazilian dialect. In 2001, a third redub was recorded, this time using actors in the vernacular of Portugal. This most recent version was issued on compact disc that same year. Walt Disney Records. Enhanced with a CD-Rom movie trailer.

The compact disc was reissued in 2006 without the CD-Rom enhancement. Under license to EMI Records Ltd. Catalog no. 0946 3 53115 2 5.

2001 Portuguese cast:
  • Branca de Neve (Snow White) - Sandra de Castro 
  • Rainha (Evil Queen) - ​Cláudia Cadima
  • Bruxa (Witch) - Cucha Carvalheiro
  • Príncipe (Prince) - Henrique Feist
  • Mestre (Doc) - Carlos Paulo
  • Zangado (Grumpy) - Carlos Vieira D'Almeida
  • Feliz (Happy) - Pedro Pinheiro
  • Dengoso (Bashful) - Manuel Cavaco
  • Atchim (Sneezy) - Fernando Gomes
  • Soneca (Sleepy) - Rui Paulo
  • ​Espelho Mágico (Magic Mirror) - Luis Lucas
  • Caçador (Huntsman) - António Marques
  • Additional - Fernando Luis, Luis Mascarenhas

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