Sunday, December 31, 2017

About "Benjamin's Ride" Snow White Documentary

One of the projects we'll be working on over the next year is a fan-based documentary entitled, Benjamin's Ride. Ben is an autistic boy who fell in love with Snow White's Scary Adventures at Walt Disney World. He was the last person to ever ride the attraction before it was permanently closed in 2012. His story is told through interviews with his parents and others. This project has been a labor of love for us ever since it was started back in 2011. And now we are looking for your assistance.

Send us videos of yourself:
1. Ride Appreciation - If you are a fan of Snow White's Scary Adventures (at any of the four theme parks), tell us about it on video. Let us know what you like about the ride and why? Is there some history you can share about the attraction. Any little known anecdotes? Have a favorite memory? Do you miss the WDW version now that it's gone? Give us as much detail as you want.

2. Movie Appreciation - If you are a fan of the motion picture, tell us why. Again, share as much detail as you'd like. Is it your favorite Disney film? Are you moved by the story? Do the characters resonate with you? Are you taken with the animation, the singing, the voice acting? Are you an admirer of the international versions? Tell us about Snow White in your country. Share anything you want about why you like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

3. Snow White Collections - Both licensed and unlicensed Snow White memorabilia has been produced in large quantities since 1937. Are you a collector? Why? Tell us. Show us. Take your camera into your storage and open up your boxes. Share your treasures with us and tell us why they have meaning for you.

This project is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. There has been no outside sources of funding, only our own out-of-pocket. As such, there is no financial remuneration for any video you may provide. We also cannot guarantee that your footage will make it into the film. It simply depends on how the story comes together and what will be needed. If your footage is used, you will receive a credit at the end of the movie.

If you do send us video of yourself, please do not repost this same footage online. We'd like the content to be fresh and original for the film. The exception to this is any archival footage you may have of the ride or other Snow White subject matter.


So if you are interested in participating, we want to see your footage. Here's a few tips...

Video Specs:
  • We are looking for footage in HD resolution, 1920 x 1080 or larger (2K, 4K).
  • If you have standard definition archival footage of old rides, etc., we'd certainly accept it.
  • Set your frame rate to 30 fps. This is the NTSC format. (60 fps is fine too.)
  • The latest cell phone cameras or handheld camcorders should work fine.

Shooting Tips:
  • Light your space. Avoid overly dark shots. Nice even lighting is best.
  • Use a tripod or bookshelf to stabilize your camera if needed.

  • Recording good sound is critical. If we can't hear what you're saying, we can't use your video.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet space, away from traffic noise, wind noise, other people's conversations. 
  • Turn off televisions, radios, air conditioners, refrigerators and anything else running in the background.
  • If you own an external microphone such as a lavaliere mic, use it.

  • We need uncompressed video. If you have cloud space available, upload your raw files, send us a link, and we will download. Otherwise, we can communicate to work out a way for you to send your footage.
  • You will need to sign a release form giving us permission to use your footage in the documentary.

If Snow White has in some way had an influence on your life, we'd love to hear about it. We welcome your video stories. You can reach us by email at:

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