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1938 Madame Alexander Snow White Marionettes

A series of Snow White marionettes were produced in 1938 by doll manufacturer Madame Alexander. The figures have composition heads, hands, and feet with fabric outfits. They stand between 9" (dwarfs) to 12" (princess) and come with wooden controllers and strings. The collection included 12 marionettes: Snow White, Seven Dwarfs, Queen, Witch, Prince, and Huntsman. (Four other Disney characters were also made.) A sewn cloth tag on each includes the character's name plus the Madame Alexander copyright.

Snow White

Original Snow White box and fabric drawstring storage bag (with tag).



Original Seven Dwarfs Boxes.


Witch images via jaredclacorte.

Original box and storage bag.



Snow White, Huntsman, and Queen original boxes.

Each figure came with a 16-page Walt Disney's Marionette Plays booklet which contains three scripted performances. The longest is for Snow White. Two shorter scripts ("Mickey's Mix-Up" and "Donald's Disaster") are for the other Disney marionettes--Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto.

Images via Hakes + Heritage.

Snow White and the dwarfs were listed in a 1939 toy catalog. The princess was $3.65, the dwarfs $3.20 each. A Mickey's Marionette Theatre set was also available (complete with a Mickie and Minnie) for $7.90. Pictured in the 1974 Disneyana book by Munsey (p.72) were most of the marionettes, plus the theatre stage.

Catalog scan via gdawg.

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