Monday, September 25, 2017

Deleted Dopey Soap Sequence Drawings

In July 2017, Heritage Auctions offered this group of 29 rough drawings from a deleted sequence in the Dopey soap scene. From the auction description:
When Snow White tells the dwarfs to wash up for dinner, they proceed to head off to clean up. Dopey is told to get the soap as the others forcibly wash an uncooperative Grumpy. Dopey grabs the soap which slips out of his hands, hits Doc, and bounces back into his mouth. We see the bubbles, but we never see the soap come out. Here is that deleted sequence where he coughs up the bar.


  1. Actually, the whole sequence was animated, shot, scored etc ... but discarded before "inking and painting"! Here's the animation of it!

  2. That's how we know what ever happened to the soap in the first place, a situation never resolved in the final exploited version of the film!