Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1966 Danish 'Snehvide' Storyteller Record KELP 107 (Grethe Mogensen)

A 1966 Snow White story record issued in Denmark. His Master's Voice/Disneyland Record label. Catalog no. KELP 107. Vinyl 33 13 rpm. The discs were made in Denmark and the album cover in Finland. The cover artwork comes from the title page of 1960 US Magic Mirror storyteller album (ST-3906). The attached 11-page book is otherwise identical to the Magic Mirror version except for the language difference, of course. The book text does not follow along with the audio script. The recording features both story and songs by Grethe Mogensen. This LP is part of the "Storyteller" series.

Sample pages.

The record disc.

Images courtesy of the Greg Philip Collection.

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