Thursday, September 14, 2017

1952 Bendix Snow White Campaign

The Bendix Snow White Automatic Washer Promotion was an advertising campaign that coincided with the 1952 re-release of the motion picture in North America. The Snow White washing machine was manufactured by Bendix Home Appliances of South Bend, IN.

A one-page ad in Better Homes & Gardens, March 1952.

A two-page ad in Life magazine, March 17, 1952.

The Bendix campaign is listed on pages 2-5 in the 1952 Snow White pressbook supplement. A 32-page full color Bendix-themed Snow White comic book was produced as a give-away premium (more on it in an upcoming post). 

Pressbook scans courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

Four-page ad.

Also see a series of Bendix counter top display standees in the next Archive entry.

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