Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Chad Valley Seven Dwarfs Shooting Games

Toy and doll manufacturer, Chad Valley of England, produced several variations of a shooting game featuring the Seven Dwarfs. Each came with a flat cardboard gun (approximately 6.5" long) for shooting rubber bands. The die-cut dwarf targets measure about 3" tall.

This first game includes the copyright imprint, "By permission Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse, Ltd." and may date from the late 1930s or early '40s. The dwarfs are set atop the log bridge.


In this next set, the targets stand upright in wooden blocks and are placed along a "stone" wall backdrop. "By permission Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse, Ltd." Circa 1940s.


A third game has the dwarfs arranged amongst tree stumps, with Dopey inside a hollow trunk. The backdrop is held upright by two grooved wooden blocks. "Copyright - Walt Disney Productions." Circa 1940s.

Images via Hakes.

Some sets found online include a spring-action metal trigger rather than a cardboard gun.

In an earlier Archive entry, see the Seven Dwarfs Target Game by American Toy Works.

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