Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1974 Mr. Pickwick Snow White Record

Walt Disney's Snow White In Story & Songs was issued in 1974 on the Mr. Pickwick label. Catalog no. SPC-5117. Format: 33 13 rpm, 12" vinyl discs. The cover illustration indicates that Pickwick either could not parlay the licensing with Disney to use their artwork or they simply didn't want to pay for it. Yet, they must have procured permission from Bourne Music Co. to use the songs.

The story follows more closely to the Grimm Brothers rather than Disney and is printed on back cover.

A1     Story Of Snow White    
A2     Heigh - Ho    
A3     Snow White    
A4     With A Smile & A Song
B1     Whistle While You Work    
B2     Some Day My Prince Will Come    
B3     One Song    
B4     Dwarf's Yodel Song    
B5     I'm Wishing

The same album was also distributed in Canada but with a Canadian copyright.

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