Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beswick Seven Dwarfs Figurines

London pottery manufacturer, John Beswick Ltd, was well known for making fine porcelain figurines, particularly their Beatrix Potter characters. In the early 1950s, they started producing Disney figures and a set of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs was issued in 1954. It would continue to be made (with a significant update to the princess mold) until it was retired in 1967. The in-house artist responsible for modelling the Disney designs was Arthur Gredington.

Most of the figurines were bottom-stamped with the company imprint and sold with a green "Beswick England" foil seal. Each character is engraved with a model number. The dwarfs measure between 9 -10 cm tall.

No. 1325 Dopey.

No. 1326 Happy.

No. 1327 Bashful.

No. 1328 Sneezy.

No. 1329 Doc.

No. 1330 Grumpy.

No. 1331 Sleepy.

The Snow White figurine released in 1954 looked nothing like the Disney princess. Someone high up must not have been happy about this. A redesigned mold was created and a brand new Snow White figure was issued in 1955. As a result, the original princess figurine is more rare than the latter. See both in the next post.

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